Dogs have always been a part (nowadays a big part) of my life.

When I was 6 my parents got a bitch puppy of Miniature Pinscher from Mäntsälä, called Cabina, Piku. Piku had a bite defect, so we did not go to dog shows with her, but she was a lovely, frisky pet dog.

When I was 15 I got my very own first dog. She was a Beagle bitch called Marisa, with whom I went to few dog shows and regularly to obedience trainings (at the beginning of 80’s it was quite rare to do it with a hunting dog).  From the dog shows we even received one CAC. To my great grief Marisa got killed in a car accident when she was three, but a dog show fly had already bitten me and I had strongly fallen in love with dogs.


Marisa belonged to the hunting breed and you could never leave her free outside, because she would immediately disappear into the forest following rabbit tracks. This is why I wanted my next dog to belong to a breed that had no hunting tendency, in other words, some kind of a pet dog.

When going through dog books I found a picture of a Schnauzer pepper&salt. According to the dog book, the breed had all the qualities I asked from my dog: intelligent, brave, absolutely loyal to the owner and easy to train.

I joined immediately to the Schnauzer-Pinscher Club and within a few years we had our first Schnauzer bitch, Mindy (FIN CH Mihan Campari). Mindy came into our family when she was 2 months old, and immediately got into our hearts. We have never had to regret the breed choice! Schnauzer is definitely the breed for us! 


heli ja mindi

When Mindy was around one year old I got a new friend to her,

a Kerry Terrier Nona (FIN CH Blue Moonlight Nona).

Nona had a great personality, who in the end did not get on well in a Schnauzer pack, so at three years old she moved as a single dog in a relative family of ours.                
In 1990 my husband got his "own dog", a German Shepherd called Cita  

(Tacklake´s Fanetta), a bit as a watchdog. Cita arrived at 7 weeks old from as far as Kemi. In occasions requiring bravery, our "watch dog Cita " ran behind the Schnauzers. We lost Cita when she was 10 years old, due to

an uterus infection.



We live in Villähde, 15 km to the East from Lahti, in the quiet countryside. When I got my first Schnauzer, I did not think about breeding yet. But when, step by step, we started to gain success in dog shows, I began to think of having a litter made. That is where it all began.           

The first litter was born in 1988. Until today we have raised 21 litters.

We have litters made rarely and with a lot of consideration.                    
From the first litter we kept FIN CH Ferdinan Aradina-Beauty, called NettaNetta had two litters.  From Mindys´s second litter we kept

FIN CH KBSG Ferdinan B-Charming Girl, called Veera.

Veera has been a remarkable improvement bitch. She has turned out to

have good genes. Veera has three litters. At least 18 dogs of her offsprings have been to the dog shows and 15 of them have been awarded with at least EXC/CQ. From Veera’s puppys, Tara (FIN CH Ferdinan Iza Drem Girl) was kept at home in order to continue the bitch line. She has have one litter with INT&FIN&S&EST CH Padre-Ziezo v.d.Vanenblikhoeven


INT&NORD&FIN&S&N&EST CH EST&LV&LT&BALT VCH BALTVW-11-12 FinnSG SKBV Ferdinan Jazetta, we kept Ella puppy. Ella is like our dream come true: beautiful dog with delightful temper. She is THE NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR 2002, THE SCHNAUZER OF THE YEAR 2003, THE SCHNAUZER OF THE YEAR 2004, THE SCHNAUZER OF THE YEAR 2005 , THE SCHNAUZER OF THE YEAR 2007, THE SCHNAUZER OF THE YEAR 2008 and THE SCHNAUZER VETERAN OF THE YEAR 2009. 

Ella has have four litters
20 puppies have already  been awarded with EXC/CQ and 15 are champions and 7 international champions !!!!!!. So she really is a top producer. The first litter is with INT&FIN&S&EST&LTU CH Mihan Fagotti. There are 3 champions and 2 international champions in that litter. Ella has given to the puppies the beautiful looks and her excellent movements. In the future we will try to preserve Ella’s excellent qualities in our line.

From Ella´s and Fagotti´s litter we kept Helmi (Ferdinan Khalinda), beautiful, short bitch with excellent movements, she is INT & NORD & FIN & S & DK & EST & LV & LT & BALT & RU CH  and the SCHNAUZER Newcomer of the Year 2005.


Ella’s second litter is made with MULTI CH Benamor de Verorich.

There are 6 champions and 3 international champions in L-litter and 1 male is exported to Denmark and 1 male and 1 female to Russia.

Ella´s third litter is made with INT & S CH Jetaime Talhi Majorforce. There are 3 champions and 1 international champion  in this litter.

Ella´s fourth litter is made with a top producer Casso´s Jalabert. There are 3 champions and 2 international champions in P-litter, including our schnauzer specialty 2 x BIS 1-winner Ferdinan Prinze Zandrian.


We have brought two Schnauzers from Russia: Jehu (Ave Concorde Yahont) and Olga (FIN & EST CH Ave Concorde Jacqueline).

We have located Jehu to a family in Lahti. Olga lives with Elmeri in Lempäälä.

We have also brought one schnauzer male from Czech republic, Xtreme Pepper
Grand Calvera, Elmeri, who is INT & FIN & S & EST & LV & LT & BALT CH EST & LT & RU JCH.
He is our co-owned male.


We have also imported one female from Czech republic, Robin Alarm Beskyd, Lucky, who lives

in Klaukkala and is international champion.

Nowadays our kennel includes three adult schnauzers: Hilma (Ferdinan Sharinda), Irma
(Ferdinan Titania) and Elli (Ferdinan Verdina).

We hope they all will produce puppies with their great features some day in the future.


We also have old dogs, because according to our principle old dogs can live with us as long as they enjoy living and as long as they do not suffer. We do not give them away to spend their pension days elsewhere. In our opinion old dogs should live safely with their family in their familiar home until the end of their days. 



If you are interested in schnauzer puppies you can contact us by e-mail.

It’s our pleasure to tell you more about our dogs, breeding plans and the breed.   




Kennel Ferdinan 10.02.2018